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Alternative Accessorizing Inspiration from Big 4 Fashion Week

Gothic, alien, and edgy accessories are increasingly growing in appeal for fervent fashionistas, with designers such as Alexander McQueen [7],
Kenzo, and even Chanel dipping their toes in black, metallic, Gothic,
and Grunge jewelry, belts, bags, and other alternative accessories. Just
a glance at the wares displayed during Fashion Weeks in London, Paris,
New York, or Milan reveal that accessories are veering away from the
minimalist and petite and turning towards edgy pieces such as thick
chains, spikes, and edgy bags made from black leather, silver, or
rubber. These are just a few top fashion trends that may inspire your
own accessories collection [8] this year.

Crushed Metal Jewelry

Forget about smooth, rounded metallic pieces [9] this year. Opt for
extra large statement pieces in crushed metal, whose effect is similar
to that of crushed aluminium foil or metal sheets. Take your inspiration
from high-end brands like Acne, Chloe, or Jacquemus, all of which have
created stunning pieces that turn heads and turn a simple outfit into
high-end fantasy. Crushed bangles pair beautifully with traditional
chains so if you have a few Don't Worry, Be Happy Bracelets by Alien
Outfitters, stack them up alongside your new crushed metal bracelet. The
key to making this look shine is to ensure the metal is gleaming so
ensure that you clean your silver designs correctly [10]. A simple soap
and water solution will work for silver and silver plated pieces. For
pure silver, you can use a dab of toothpaste and a soft toothbrush or
tarnish remover wipes.

Wearing Bags as Necklaces

Mini bags are a great way to store your money, vape kit, and other tiny
essentials and this year, designers are designing mini bags worn on a
chain as a necklace. Chanel is one brand leading this trend, having
reimagined its 2.55 bag by shrinking it and attaching it to various
pieces of jewelry - including bracelets and necklaces. For a darker or
Gothic look, pair up your mini bag designs with pearls and chains. The
great thing about mini bags is that you can pair them up with
traditional bags such as studded evening bags, fanny packs [11], or even
daytime totes.

Below-the-Shoulder Earrings

Big statement pieces were the order of the day in 2020's biggest fashion
shows and it looks like this trend will be going from strength to
strength this year as well, with designers like JW Andreson [12], Dolce
& Gabbana, and Fenty creating stunning uber long designs in materials
such as crystal, crushed metal, and coral. Flowers are holding
particular sway when it comes to this trend so to give this look a more
'alien' feel, opt for designs bearing black roses or black gemstones
such as obsidian [13], black tourmaline, or black onyx.

The burgeoning popularity of chains is symbolic of fashion's current
penchant for punk, rock, and Gothic looks, inspired by celebrities of
the 1980s and 1990s. Just a few cool accessories to watch out for
include mini bags, crushed metal pieces, and über-long earrings. The key
to keeping it alternative is to stack designs heavily with edgy pieces.
Ensure metal is shiny and new, to add a sophisticated touch to your most
amazing alien looks.

Author: Cassandra Timmins



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